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Autowerks Marketing Material

Marketing Material Packages created for The Autowerks.
Loyalty Card Package

The loytalty card package is aimed at consumers that have repeatedly used the companies services and deserve to be apart of an exclusive lifetime membership club. Embodying the craftmanship and high quality standards, the card is created from anodised aluminium that is etched and filled with precision. The premium box advertises all social medias to keep up to date with the latest work.

Dealership Package

The material package aims to build the relationship between potencial clients in the local area. Specifically looking into creating relations with dealerships in order to gain yearly contracts. The package contains a 50 page A5 informational bookelt with background of the company, information of the services and the process work is carried out in. Beneath this is the sample material providing a hands on look at different finishes of powder coat, PPF and tint film.

Leaflet Package

The leaflet package is aimed at mass advertising through A5 leaflets. Designed to be sent out to local businesses such as MOT, mechanics etc. The package is designed to easily be sent and fit through a mailbox, while the stand also a stand for display purposes. Making these leaflets more aethetically pleasing to a user to pick up when put in a waiting room.