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Comfort Crutch

Fixperts project aimed to provide a more comfortable user experience.

Sketching is an important part of any design, these are just a few examples of sketches that were used to create a developed product. The comfort crutch was designed to avoid the pain in elbows and wrists, due to using a crutch for long duration of time. It put the pressure on the whole arm which in turn made for a more comfortable walk. It was also very diverse as it could be folded away and used as a standard crutch if needed.

Fixperts was a group project conducted at Brunel University, the brief was to identify a niche demographic that has a problem and to create a solution using a variety of design methods. The chosen area was a young upcoming footballer who found that sprained ankles was a common injury in sport. A known issue with crutches are the additional strain that is put on your wrists as you use them. The product designed was aimed to combat that strain points on the wrist and elbow to provide some comfort when using crutches over long periods of time.

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